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Where To Install Speakers In Your Home Theater

A home theater is all about the sound. A great sound system makes you feel like you aren't just watching the movie, but that you're a character experiencing the scene moment-by-moment. To achieve high-impact sound, you need more than quality speakers. You also need to place your speakers in the proper location. Learn where to set speakers in your home theater to optimize sound. 


The subwoofer is the heart of a home theater sound system. When it comes to placement of a subwoofer, remember that it is an omnidirectional device, which means that it transmits sounds in all different directions. Given this quality, it's essential you install the subwoofer in a position that allows it to carry the sound in every direction. 

Should you place the subwoofer in a cabinet, for instance, you change the direction that the sound is transmitted in. Any sides of the subwoofer that are blocked by the cabinet walls will distort the sound. Install the subwoofer in a space in which its sides are clear. 

Center Channel Speaker

As its name suggests, the center channel speaker is the speaker that should be installed in the center of your sound system. The role of the center speaker is to somewhat bring all the sound together. Where the center is depends on the layout of the additional speakers in the room. 

The center speaker should also be installed near the center of the screen. So, try to install the screen in the center of the room so that the center speaker is truly in the center of the room to allow for better sound quality throughout the area. 

Rear Side Speakers

The rear side speakers often get overlooked, but they play a critical role in the overall sound delivery in the space. In terms of placement, the first thing to remember is that rear speakers should be installed at ear level height. If the speakers are too low or too high, the sound will transmit underneath or above the people in the room's ears. 

As a result, the sound may sound distorted. You should also install the rear speakers an equal distance from the wall on each side. For example, if the right speaker is one foot from the wall, the left speaker should also be installed one foot from the wall. The balance will improve sound quality. 

Ensure your speakers are placed for high performance. While these tips are incredibly helpful, for full confidence that you will achieve the best sound quality, contact a home theater installation professional. In addition to assisting you with proper placement, the installer can also help you determine the best type of speakers for your space.