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What You Need To Know About Home Automation Products

The home automation industry is one that's littered with pieces of technical jargon, and you may be wondering what products serve which purposes. Those interested in setting up smart homes can benefit from learning a bit of the terminology that's used in the business. These four home automation concepts are important to know before you commit to buying any home automation products.


Given the array of systems used in any home, including HVAC, entertainment, security, and lighting, it's unlikely that you'll find a complete set of home automation products from a single manufacturer. Most of the big companies in the industry are focused on interoperability, the idea that different systems all need to be able to securely and seamlessly talk with each other.

When you buy a main control system, the important thing is that it can work with products from other manufacturers. In many cases, there are simple workarounds. For example, the HVAC unit in a house doesn't have to be directly interoperable because the easier and cheaper solution is to install a thermostat that is.


Not everyone wants to take advantage of the myriad of options on the market, but a system should be set up to be expandable, especially if you're concerned about home resale value several years down the road. You might, for example, only have the security and lighting systems hooked up to the home automation technology at your place, but it's nice to be able to add entertainment functionality or remote access capability later on.

User Experience and Interface

When you install a system, you're committing to years of dealing with a specific interface. The experience of being a user should feel painless and simple, and you should make an effort when working with a smart home services provider to keep checking out options until you find one that feels intuitive for you to use. Make a point to explore the interfaces for every form of access, including ones built for your TV, smartphone, and computer.

Remote Access and Security

Being able to remotely access the home automation setup in your home is one of its best benefits. You can, for example, call it from an app to warm up your house on a cold day a half hour before you get home from work. Remote access, however, demands top-tier security, so put in some time to research the security of each proposed setup.