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How to Know If You Qualify for a Free or Discounted Government Phone

In this modern age, you would probably have a hard time finding anyone who doesn't own a cellular phone. Mobile phones seem to be nearly as common as the traditional wristwatch, with virtually every person you meet carrying one of the devices. However, not everyone who has a cellular phone is actually paying for it. That cell phone bill can get pretty hefty, and there might be some months that roll around and you can't seem to find the extra money to pay for the expense. The federal government has a number of programs that provide participants with free and discounted phone service. Find out if you qualify for one of these programs and save money by taking advantage of them.

Do You Receive Any Kind of Government-Sponsored Financial Assistance?

A good indication that you will probably qualify for discounted or free phone service is that you already receive some form of government assistance. Programs such as Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), or even public housing might help you qualify for free cell phones. Being a recipient of any of these services means that you have likely already been vetted as someone who has budget-restrictions that will make it difficult for you to find the extra money to pay a cell phone bill. The federal government will then subsidize the cost of phone service as a benefit to you.

If you aren't involved with any of the federal service programs listed above, you might still be in luck. There are some states with local-level programs that can still help you be eligible. Search for sites that list the various states with government programs that just might help you get that free or discounted cellular service.

Income Restrictions Can Help You Qualify

People who don't currently meet a certain income threshold might also be able to get a free mobile phone. The income levels vary depending on how many people are in your household and how much money you are bringing in. This is a great website that outlines the program for those with income restrictions so you can find out more about what you can expect to receive if you qualify for the phone.

Struggling to pay your mobile phone bill each month can really stress you out. Find out if you qualify for free or discounted mobile phone service and you may be able to take a load off of your shoulders.