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Six Major Things To Be Aware Of With LED Shop Lights

These days, LED shop lights are one of the available shop lighting options out on the market. Those looking for the right lights for their shop should definitely explore LED shop lighting and consider if it's right for their needs. 

The following are six major things to be aware of with LED shop lights.

An LED shop light is the same thing as a fluorescent shop light except with LED bulbs.

Fluorescent shop lights have become popular in recent years. Like fluorescent shop lights were an update on incandescent lights, LED shops lights are the most recent upgrade on fluorescent shop lights. They're therefore very similar to fluorescent shop lights except with a different type of bulb. 

One of the biggest advantages of LED shop lights is their efficiency.

LED shop lights have gained popularity recently because they are the most efficient shop lighting option out there. LED shop lights tend to last longer while also consuming less electricity as they operate. 

LED shop lighting is designed to be durable.

Shop lighting needs to be able to stand up to the demands of being bumped or struck by power tools or building materials. Therefore, LED shop lighting is designed to be heavy-duty and to not break even when roughly handled. 

LED shop lighting comes in either integrated versions or retrofit versions. 

The two main types of LED lighting out there are integrated LED lights and retrofitted LED lights. With integrated lights, the electronics and chips are built right into the lighting fixture itself. In contrast, a retrofitted version will have a separate lamp that is worked into the design of the fixture. 

Retrofitted LED shop lights are beneficial in a situation where a shop already has fluorescent shop lighting fixtures and wants to convert them to LED lighting. They're also beneficial if lighting features at a shop need to be occasionally changed in terms of color or brightness for different types of work. 

LED shop lights vary in terms of light output, color temperature, and CRI. 

Meeting shop lighting needs is not finished once LED lighting is decided upon. LED lighting comes in numerous varieties and varies in terms of light output, color temperature, and Color Rendering Index (CRI). 

Those who choose LED lighting can find an LED bulb with just the right lighting characteristics for their specific needs and preferences. 

LED shop lights should be positioned properly to maximize their usefulness.

One of the most important considerations when outfitting a shop with LED lights is how the lights will be positioned.

The installation location should be directly above the area where the bulk of work will take place. Because LED lighting fixtures typically plug into a wall outlet, LED shop lighting fixtures need to be located close enough to an outlet so that they can be supplied electricity.