Troubleshooting Electronics At Home

EMP Protection Options

EMP stands for electromagnetic pulse. Electromagnetic pulses can happen naturally or can be man-made. In the natural world, an electromagnetic pulse generally comes in the form of a lightning strike. When lightning strikes, it sends an electromagnetic wave out, and it can short out nearby electronics. Most electronics and power-grids have safety features built in to protect against electromagnetic pulses of this kind. Surge protectors are one form of protection that is commonly used in the home. 

The effects of an electromagnetic pulse can be devastating. Electronics can short out and be destroyed, data can be lost, memory cards and chips erased, if the EMP is strong enough, it can even spark electronics and cause fires. An EMP can also be man-made, and a nuclear electromagnetic pulse could have far-reaching effects on some electronics and power sources if it was ever unleashed. Cities could be suddenly plunged into the dark, medical equipment could stop functioning, and many devices would be irreparably damaged. 

So, is there a way to protect against EMP?  Many companies offer solutions to combat the potential fallout from a natural electromagnetic pulse or even a weaponized one. EMP protection can include:

1. A Faraday Cage

A Faraday cage is designed to protect against electromagnetic pulses. It is named after the man who invented it way back in the 1830s. A Faraday cage is built out of a mesh of conductive metal. The conductive metal mesh distributes the electromagnetic pulse on the outside of the cage so that the inside of the cage is safe from the effects. These cages are used to protect important equipment, such as radio transmitters. A mini Faraday cage is even used on microwave doors to keep the waves inside of the microwave, so they don't interfere with the outside world. You can buy Faraday cages or shields of various sizes and types, from a cage large enough to hold a generator to a bag small enough for a cell phone. A Faraday cage will protect your electronics from a weaponized or natural EMP. 

2. An EMP Shield

EMP shields are devices that are intended to protect your home or space from an EMP by shutting off any surges that it detects before they can cause any damage to your electronics or home. They come in the form of small boxes that are wired into your electrical feed. They are easy to install; once you're done, you can let it do its job.

Both a Faraday cage and an EMP shield, offer you the EMP protection that will keep you safe and comfortable in the event of an electromagnetic pulse. Contact EMP protection services to learn more.