Troubleshooting Electronics At Home


Keep The Power On: How To Ensure Proper Charging For Your Scissor Lifts

If you utilize scissor lifts on a daily basis, you need to ensure proper charging. After all, if the scissor lifts aren't charged properly, your work comes to a standstill. Unfortunately, if your scissor lifts lose their charge while people are onboard, you'll also have a serious safety risk on your hands. Here are four ways to ensure proper charging for your scissor

Benefits Of LED Lighting

LED lighting offers multiple benefits that traditional lights don't provide. Here are a few of them.  Longevity An LED light lasts much longer than a traditional bulb. In fact, it lasts several times as long as many of its traditional counterparts, including fluorescent lights. The positive difference in life span is even greater when compared to incandescent lig

4 Tips For Using Your Satellite Phone

Satellite phones can keep you connected no matter where you are in the world. However, while the technology of these phones is stellar, there are steps you can take to maximize the benefit and reach of these devices. To get the most from your satellite phone, here are some usage tips that can help you: 1. Review Call Restrictions Ensure you review any call restriction

How to Know If You Qualify for a Free or Discounted Government Phone

In this modern age, you would probably have a hard time finding anyone who doesn't own a cellular phone. Mobile phones seem to be nearly as common as the traditional wristwatch, with virtually every person you meet carrying one of the devices. However, not everyone who has a cellular phone is actually paying for it. That cell phone bill can get pretty hefty, and

What You Need To Know About Home Automation Products

The home automation industry is one that's littered with pieces of technical jargon, and you may be wondering what products serve which purposes. Those interested in setting up smart homes can benefit from learning a bit of the terminology that's used in the business. These four home automation concepts are important to know before you commit to buying any home automa